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Making the Right Choice of Garage Door Operators

No-one likes getting out of the car when it's wet and windy or in the middle of the night to open the garage door. Automating your garage door adds further safety and security, automatically. We can advise you on the most suitable operator for your garage door and your budget. below is a guide to the considerations you should take into account when selecting your new automatic operator.
Automatic Garage Doors
Some of our garage door operators are compatible with the Homelink system that is offered by some of the major car manufacturers.


Garage Doors are large heavy objects, and the operator must stop immediately if the door is obstructed to avoid personal injury and damage to the door or your car.

New European Standards require operators to have a safety stop system that automatically stops the door's movement if its operation is obstructed.

All garage doors and operators supplied by Garage Door Services comply to the new European Product Standards BS EN 13241-1, BS EN 12604, BS EN 12453, BS EN 60335-2-95 & BS EN 13241.

External Emergency Release

European Safety law requires an emergency door-release device to be fitted to automated garage doors where the garage has no alternative pedestrian access. This is in order to allow manual operation of the garage door in case of power failure.

Some garage door operators include a cable operated manual release system which enables operation by means of the door's original locking handle. Most garage door operators require an additional lock to be fitted to the door to enable it to be opened manually from outside.

Security and Handsets

Some of the cheaper automatic operators allow your garage door to be forced open when in the closed position. This can be prevented with an additional locking system that can be added to your garage door to activate side and bottom locking bolts. The better operators have built in protection against forced entry.

Hormann Electric Garage Door HandsetsThe remote controls to garage door operators transmit using a coded radio signal, this can be a fixed or a rolling signal. If security is an important issue, choose an operator with a ''rolling code'' remote control system which prevents scanners from picking up the signal as it is randomly chosen from 4.3 billion possible codes.



To prolong the lifetime of your new operator it's important to choose one that is capable of lifting in excess of the force required to open and close the door so it's not constantly working at the limits of its capabilities.

The manufacturer's technical specification will state the pulling force of the operator. The force is normally rated from around 550n for a typical single garage door to 1000n for a large double garage door. If you are in doubt choose a more powerful operator.

Automatic operator warranties range from 1-5 years.

Like most purchases, the longer the guarantee the more confidence the manufacturer has in their product.

Quiet Operation

Many of the chain driven operators are noisy when running and if quiet operation is important to you,  like having a room above your garage, opt for a garage door operator that has a belt instead of a chain as these have a quieter and smoother mechanism - reducing noise.

Soft Start and Soft Stop

This feature will reduce stress on the drive mechanism of your operator and improve its reliability, it works by gently accelerating the motor to full speed during operation.

Soft start & soft stop motors are particularly beneficial for heavy garage doors and also offer quiet and gentle operation. Having an operator with this feature is particularly beneficial in garages with accommodation above them.

Energy Consumption

The amount of power consumed while the garage door is in motion is minimal as the electric motor only runs for about 15 seconds to operate the door.
Operators with low energy consumption during standby mode have the most efficient running costs. High energy consumption when in standby mode can amount to hundreds of pounds over the lifetime of the operator. Some operators offer running costs as low as £2.50 a year if the door is opened and closed twice daily.


Many of the better quality Garage Door Operators can be virtually maintenance free. Operators with self-adjusting drive tensioners can eliminate the need for costly service calls.

Wall Mounted Push-Buttons

A wall mounted push-button is an essential especially if you have an integral garage with direct access to the house. It's worth checking that a good quality push-button is included with your operator as standard. Some manufacturers only supply a wall push-buttons a chargeable extra.

Safety Issues

Because a canopy garage door fitted with a bow arm adaptor requires a very high level of motor force in order to move the door, the motor's safety-stop device has to be programmed to allow dangerously high levels of push /pulling force, resulting in a higher risk of injury if children or pets become trapped under the moving door.

We do not supply canopy bow arm adaptors because doors fitted with this device are unlikely to meet EU Machinery Directive Safety Regulations for power operated garage doors to which all our installations must comply.

Here at Garage Door Services, we do not automate the "canopy" style garage door.

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